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Chi-Jitsu stands as a transformative Life Force internal martial art, dedicated to fostering self-defense, overall wellness, and health benefits. Distinguished by its deliberate and unhurried movements, Chi Jitsu Martial Art represents a holistic approach to fitness, seamlessly blending elements from ancient martial arts and yoga traditions. Incorporating facets of Qigong, Montu (an ancient Kemet martial art), Paneurithmy, and yoga, Chi Jitsu Martial Art uniquely omits the spiritual components, ensuring inclusivity for practitioners of various religious backgrounds who may otherwise be deterred from participating in yoga.

This innovative fitness practice operates on the foundational principles of quantum physics, leveraging the utilization of crystalline energy, also referred to as life force energy. In essence, Majhita Fitness embraces the profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit, offering a harmonious and dynamic fitness experience inspired by ancient wisdom and modern scientific understanding.